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‘Let’s Learn’ about Kindergarten Registration


Looking for sign language support for children 0-6 years of age? Cheryl has recently become a licensed WeeHands Instructor!! Check out the WeeHands website at:

This means Cheryl will soon be ready to offer WeeHands classes at local sites for your babies, toddlers and preschoolers!  Chcck  out their site for classes available and watch for further local class offerings in your area!!!



Hope you had a GREAT summer! It will SOON be that time of year when we are thinking about or have registered our 3 and 4 year olds for  Kindergarten next year! What an exciting and yet scary time! Some parents are asking:

  • Am I ready to send my child out into the big worlod of ‘school’?
  • How will I know what my child can expect?
  • What will their school day be like?
  • Will they go everyday, or every other day?
  • How can I/should I let my school/teacher koow about health or development concerns I have?
  • Will they be ready for that first day?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone and your questions are certainly appropriate! One way to address your questions and concerns is to attend your local ‘Let’s Learn’ Clinic in your community. You can find the shcedule at;’s_Learn_Schedule_2012.pdf


In addition, the Blue Water District School Bard has some great links that can help you get ready for your visit to Let’s Learn.

School starts so early for our little ones so it is important to be prepared! One way to be prepared, is to have your child’s speech and language skills screened, when you attend your Let’s Learn Clinic. You can certainly be asking the speech pathologist and school staff about th development of your child’s sound repertoire and about the development of their language skills.

Do they have any sounds missing for their age?

Are they stringing enough meaningful words together for their age?

If your child is already receiving speech and langauge services through public health or from a private practioner, it is important to mention these concerns to the staff at the Let’s Learn Clinic. Unfortunately, if your child is a candidate for speech and language services, they are not eligible to receive  school services until they enter Senior Kindergarten. In this case, it is important to have your child screened by Public Health Speech and Language Services or by a private speech and language therapist, so they can receive intervention as soon as possible-it is never too early to refer your child!The early the better also rings true in avoiding any existing waiting lists. A screening may reveal your child is on track for Kindergarten entry, making it that much easier to feel confident about that first day of school!

Please refer to our pages ‘Referrals” and ‘Resources’ to help you determine whether or not a screening for your child is necessary. Don’t hesitate to call the office to discuss your concerns and whether or not a referral or screening may be necessary.

Unsure how to access our services? Refer to our ‘Referrals’ page for information about fees and benefits you may have for speech and language assessment and therapy.

Don’t forget to have fun! Language stimulation for your child and scho0ol readiness can come from things you do everyday at home! During meal times, dressing and bath time, use and play with language to rhyme, sing songs and play with sounds and words-the more fun it is, the easier and more enjoyable it is to learn! Refer to our ‘Resources’ page for milsetones for speech and language development!

Good luck on the first day of school and with the first progress report!

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