Yes, I was really happy with how Brooke did last night. she’s been slowly improving, and recently, the words have been flying from her mouth…not always right, and not in sentences, but at least she is trying.
She seems more focused on how to pronounce the words, and pays more attention to your mouth when you tell her to and really tries to repeat it. Its very exciting to see the progress. I will definitely keep you posted on how we make out this week.

Cheryl, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me this morning. I think I went into panick mode when talking to our babysitter about Brooke….
You never hesitate to take the time to talk and explain things. You truly care for your patients and only want the best and I just wanted to say how much that is appreciated. I can breathe a little easier knowing she has you to help her/us all through this.

Thanks again Cheryl

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  • Irene says:

    My son came to Cheryl when the public health speech was not working for him and I was so scared that maybe nothing would help my son. Cheryl took the time and worked with him and saw he had signs and symptoms of Apraxia. That point in time changed my families life. We know have a five year old boy who is making sentences and just started to sing not perfectly but sing. Two years ago he couldn’y even say mama. She gave me not only a plan but hope for a amazing future for my son. We will forever be thankful to Cheryl and her clinic because they gave my son the most amazing gift speech.
    Every child deserves a voice
    Thanks for giving Spencer’s his,

    • cher4081 says:

      Thank you for being the wonderfully supportive parents that Spencer needed to make his leaps and bounds! We couldn’t have done it without you both to understand his needs and push him appropriately in the right direction to help him towards overcoming characteristics of apraxia! He was a gem to work with and so were you both!
      We will miss him and would love to know how he is doing!

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